promotion ambassador

1.Who can become a Toppgo promotion ambassador?

Individuals or groups who are willing to promote Toppgo services to friends and family around you

2.How to promote Toppgo service?
  • Exclusive Registration Code
  • Exclusive Registration link
  • Exclusive Registration QR Code

Promote Toppgo services to friends and family around you via Wechat Moments, offline channels, social media, and etc.

3. What are the benefits of promoting Toppgo services?

(1) A reward of ¥10.00 will be given for the first valid new user successfully promoted.

  • The registered user’s IP is located outside of China;
  • The Wechat number filled is authentic and valid upon registration ;

(2)Starting from the second month, for less than 20 of newly registered users, 3% of the international shipping freight per order paid by the new user will be added into your personal account as a promotional reward. For 20 or more newly registered users, 5% is rewarded. And so on.

(3)The system will automatically generate the withdrawable cash rewards from previous month on the 1st day of the month. Users may withdraw the balance into WeChat or Alipay.