Terms of Service

1. Confirmation and Acceptance of the Terms of Service

The ownership, operation rights, and Registered User Network Service of the “Toppgo Website” are owned by Wuhan Yangshan Information Technology Co., Ltd. The services provided must be strictly enforced in accordance with the company’s Articles of Incorporation, Service Agreement and Operating Bylaws. Whereas the user clicks the “Submit” button during the registration process, the user has come into agreement with Toppgo and has accepted all terms of service herein.

2. Introduction of Service

Toppgo provides its customers with international purchasing and consolidated shipping services through proprietary information technology and services. Users shall provide detailed, accurate, and valid personal information and update such information in time of changes. Any payments occurred in a purchase are collected on behalf of the respective client, no additional service fee is charged.

Users authorize Toppgo to disclose their basic information to third parties, but other supplementary information of users will not be disclosed. Excluding:

(1)Upon user’s request and authorization to disclose.

(2)Any corresponding legal requirements and proceedings requiring Toppgo to disclose the user’s information.
In case any information provided by the user is inaccurate, untrue, and/or illegal, the company reserves the right to suspend, cancel, or terminate the user’s rights to access Registered User Network Service provided by Toppgo.

3.Revision of Service

Toppgo reserves the right to modify and/or discontinue its service at any time without noticing the user or any third party. Under any circumstances, Toppgo shall not be held liable exercising such right mentioned in Art.3.

4. Modification of Terms of Service

Toppgo has the right to modify, change, or amend the terms of service of Registered User Network Service. The company will notify its registered users of the made change(s) prior to users entering the next step of services. If registered users accept such change(s), please press the “I Agree” button. If registered users do not accept such change(s), all services will be discontinued immediately.

Users shall confirm TWO conditions BEFORE proceeding to Registered User Network Service.

(1)Accept terms of service of Toppgo Registered User Network Service and any changes or updates thereto.

(2)Accept all Terms of Service restrictions.

5.Security of User’s Account and Password

Once a user is registered, an user name and a password will be generated. Registered users will be legally liable for all actions and activities that occur based on one’s user name and password.
Therefore, users shall safely keep both their user name and password and not disclose to any third party. Users are liable to any legal consequences arising therefrom. In case user’s user name and/or password are leaked, one must promptly create a new password. One can change or update one’s password and information, or simply register a new account. Users shall notify Toppgo immediately in case of any illegal usages of user accounts or security breaches.

6. Protection of User Privacy

In Toppgo, respecting and protecting user privacy is a principle policy. Therefore, as an addition to Article 2, Toppgo will not disclose, alter, or release any users’ information or non-public content stored in Registered User Network Service. With the exception that, Toppgo may only release such information upon formal request of legal inquiry or when falling into any of the FOUR conditions listed below: (conditions are of careful consideration and in good intention to protect the integrity of user information and general public safety)

(1)Comply with any legal requirements and proper procedure of Toppgo Terms of Service.

(2)In no conflict with the trade mark ownership of Toppgo.

(3)In case of an emergency, Toppgo strives to maintain the privacy of its users and the general public.

(4)Abiding with any relevant laws and/or regulations in applicable jurisdiction(s).

7. User Management

Users are solely responsible for any content posted. Use of service is based on and abiding with any local, national, and/or international jurisdictions.
Users must follow rules listed below:

(1)When publishing information, such post shall comply with any applicable Chinese laws and regulations.

(2)Do not use the service network or service for any illegal activities.

(3)Do not interfere with or disrupt network services.

(4)Comply with all network protocols, regulations, and procedures under terms of service, network agreement, rules, and regulations.
Registered User Network Service utilizes the Internet to send and receive information. The user’s behavioral guidelines shall be based upon national regulations, policies, and procedures regarding the Internet. Users must promise not to transmit or post including but not limited to illegal, harassing, slanderous, insulting, intimidating, harmful, vulgar, and obscene content. In addition, users cannot (i) transmit or post any information that incites others to constitute or induce any criminal behaviors; (ii) transmit or post any information that may contribute to adverse image against the Mainland China, and/or involves national security; (iii) transmit or post information that does not comply with local, national, or international laws; (iv) access to other computer systems without proper authorization. In case of user violations against rules mentioned above, Toppgo will execute an independent judgment and immediately terminate user service account.

Users are responsible for their own actions in registering Registered User Network Service on the Toppgo website. In case of user distribution or dissemination of pornographic, violent, or any other inappropriate information that violates national laws in the Toppgo website or during Registered User Network Service, any records of such behaviors and information will be stored and used as evidence against illegal activities.

8. Cancellation of Service

The user or Toppgo website may cancel Registered User Network Service at any time depending on the actual situation. Excluding the fact that Toppgo cancels Registered User Network Service, Toppgo is not liable for any third party. If the user is opposed to any of the terms of service or disagrees with subsequent changes to the terms, or is dissatisfied with Toppgo Registered User Network Service, the user may exercise the following right of recourse(s):

(1)Terminate the using of Toppgo Registered User Network Service;

(2)Revoke user eligibility to Registered User Network Service and Toppgo Website;

(3)Report to Toppgo to terminate Registered User Network Service;

After Registered User Network Service is terminated, the user’s right to access Registered User Network Service is suspended immediately. Meanwhile, the Toppgo shall no longer bear any responsibility or liability in relating to the user.

9. Refusal to Provide Guarantee

The user agrees that the use of the mail service is at the user’s own risk. Toppgo will not provide any type of guaranty, whether explicit or implicit. However, the implicit guarantees of commercial, the specific purpose, and the appropriate guaranties that do not violate the regulations are not restricted.

Toppgo website does not guarantee the timeliness, security, or occurrence of error during the service. It does not provide any guarantee for the accuracy, timeliness, or smooth delivery of the information. The user understands and accepts any information (downloaded or obtained through the Toppgo Registered User Network Service), and it is of the user’s responsibility. The user shall bear all risks and responsibilities for system damage or data loss. The user will not receive verbal or written comments or information from Toppgo, and no guarantee shall be given in any circumstances.

10. Limited Liability

Toppgo website is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages due to improper use of the Registered User Network Service or results of illegal use of any services.

11. Storage and Restriction of Registered User Network Service Information

Toppgo is not responsible for the deletion or storage failure of the information posted by the user. Toppgo does not impose an upper limit on the amount of information posted, but the company has the right to determine whether user’s behavior complies with the requirements and spirit of the terms of service. In case the user violates the terms of service herein, Toppgo has the right to terminate the user’s account and services. All contents on Toppgo website is copyrighted by Toppgo. Any activities, include but not limited to reprinting, distributing, and publishing of the website and/or content on the website must obtain authorization from Toppgo.

12. Protection of Interests

The user agrees to protecting the interests of all stakeholders of Toppgo and to be responsible for any legal expense occurred due to improper usage of Registered User Network Service, violation of terms of service, and the use of others’ computer and account number.


All notifications sent to the user can be sent by email or regular mail. Toppgo will send a message via mail service to the user to inform them of any modification of the terms of service, service changes, or any other important matters.

14. Advertisement and Promotion

The user can include promotional materials and advertisement in posted information and showcase products on service website. Any such promotional channels, including but not limited to shipping items, services, payments, ads., and guaranties shall only occur between the respective user and the advertiser. Toppgo will not be held liable to any responsibilities caused by including but not limited to usage, sales, and negotiation of promotional activities.

15. Ownership of Contents

User-defined content includes but not limited to: text, software, audio tracks, figures, videos, graphics; any content of promotional materials; any messages in emails, any commercial information provided in Registered User Network Service, all items mentioned above shall be protected under respective laws and regulations. The user may only use such content upon direct authorization from Toppgo or advertiser. Illegal or unauthorized uses including but not limited to reposting, distributing, and reprinting of any materials are strictly prohibited.

16. Laws and Regulations

Shipping service shall comply with laws and regulations of any applicable jurisdiction, including any disputed area and/or terms of such laws and regulations. The user and Toppgo shall both be subject to all jurisdictions of the High Court. In case any of the terms of service is inconsistent with the law, the terms shall be re-interpreted to align with respective laws. Any other terms will retain the original legal effectiveness and impact on the user.

17. Waiver


(1)Any product information provided on Toppgo website is of best effort and representation of the actual products. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that in the photograph shooting process, the image might be affected by various factors such as lighting, equipment, reflection, color difference, and resolution of different computers. Toppgo cannot guarantee that the item description matches the actual products completely.

Especially in terms of color, it is subject to the display of the actual item in real.


(2)Toppgo provides service to purchase the requested products on targeted shopping platforms according to user’s direct confirmation. Under normal conditions, such service is competed within 6 -15 business days (transit time may vary depending on the international shipping method selected by the user); thus, no final guarantee will be given. In case of incompletion of service due to any information error, including but not limited to, stocking, prices, delivery options, and problematic condition of the product, Toppgo will promptly communicate with the user.
Toppgo will not be liable for any loss caused by such reasons.

(3)Toppgo will not be responsible for any failure to deliver the package to the destination due to any factors caused by the user.

(4)Any terms or conditions negotiated between the user and the merchant shall not be accepted in the procurement process of Toppgo. Registered users will only enjoy promotions provided by and announced on the official Toppgo website. Users will no longer enjoy any other promotions and/or benefits provided by any other entities.

(5)Toppgo does not support the purchasing of counterfeit items, prescription drugs, tobacco, lottery tickets, and pornographic magazines/DVDs.